Ridge capping



The ridge capping is used to cover the gable roof ridge, which is mainly used for the roofs of individual houses, but can also be installed on the roofs of industrial buildings, farms, warehouses. The extra folding caps give the roof a better look.

For roofing, the ridge capping should be covered with an overlap about 5 -10 cm. A properly installed ridge capping should provide adequate roof ventilation and protect the ridge from rain and snow

The total need is calculated with an overlap of 5 – 10 cm. For example 10m / 1.90 = 5.26 need 6 pieces of 2.0m

Technical characteristics:

Steel thickness: 0.45 – 0.5 mm
Product length: 2000 mm
Standard product width: 140 × 140 mm, 190 × 190 mm
Slope angle 25 °

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